Following a very successful 20 year military career, my greatest interest and desire is to share the knowledge and skills I have achieved in The United States Marines in Logistics, Supply Chain Management and sales with those aspiring to become leaders in this area. My greatest satisfaction came from the time I spent as Instructor for the Marine Corps Combat Service support School. I taught the basic supply courses as well as the intermediate courses including the Chief’s and Supply Officer’s Courses to hundreds of Marines. This is very gratifying work! I also had opportunities to participate on a mobile training team providing Logistics/leadership training at CampPendleton and very unique experiences training staff members of the First Mobility Battalions in Colombia, Korea, Thailand in Leadership/lLogistics and supply management. Serving as the Field Supply and Maintenance Analyst Office (FSMAO) Coordinator at the Pentagon was a rare chance to prove my skills and be challenged simultaneously. The cycle for the FSMAO review had been broken which made it very difficult to reconstruct. I coordinated all the reviews from three teams totaling 150 team members from three locations. The challenge was to determine the issues and enact policy based upon our findings as we inspected every unit in the Marine Corps. I had to coordinate with numbers of individuals including higher management. I managed budgets and ensured there was sufficient support for the teams to accomplish their tasks in order to report accountability and visibility of all M.C assets to the Commandant of The Marine Corps and the U.S Congress.

My wife and I currently own a Real Estate business and a coaching business; however, I am always ready and open for the opportunity to train others and use my Leadership, Logistics, supply management and sales expertise and to make a good company great! My Job as a Coach is to be a change agent, entering the equation for change without knowing what the outcome will be. Goals, and plans, new practices, new benchmarks, achievements of every kind are all a part of the client’s ongoing work, facilitated by my coaching interaction. It is my intention to be the catalyst, an essential element in the process of accelerating change. I see coaching as a role of service that requires commitment and presence on my part. Whether I am working with an Individual private client or hired to work with clients inside of an organization, a sense of purpose, even a higher purpose, is definitely an underlying element. In my world of coaching I would say that my coaching exists to serve my client’s higher purpose. When we aim for this higher purpose, we create the means for transformative change in clients and, by extension, in families and organizations. As a result the ripples of change of change in my client’s higher purpose move out in to the world. To be present, contributing to change, is enormously gratifying. It fulfills a sense of higher purpose in my life. Making a difference, helping others to achieve their dreams and reach their potential. This is why I love this work.